Walter Ottesen


Prior to entering patent law, Mr. Ottesen acquired experience as an electrical engineer in industry developing servomechanism drive systems.  When starting his career in patent law, Mr. Ottesen had the privilege of having Dr.-Ing. Curt M. Avery (Author: “Das US Patent”) as his mentor followed by a law clerkship under Mr. Hugh A. Chapin at the law firm of Kenyon & Kenyon.  This was followed with a position as in-house patent counsel for the Black and Decker Corporation whereafter Mr. Ottesen founded his own firm in 1983 for the practice of law in intellectual property.  The firm has expanded and is now Ottesen P.A., a professional association.

Practice Areas: patent prosecution, infringement clearance and patent validity opinions and patent licensing.

Court Membership: New York Bar, United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (New York University) and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (Stevens Institute of Technology), Licensed in New York as a Professional Engineer, Master of Arts in German (New York University) and law study at Brooklyn Law School coupled with a law clerkship at Kenyon & Kenyon culminating in admission to the New York Bar as an attorney and counsellor at law in 1975.  

Foreign Language: German

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